Champian Fulton

Jazz Pianist and Vocalist

Praise for Champian's NEW ALBUM "Speechless"

Champian's much anticipated new album, "Speechless", is set for Release on March 17, 2017, but you can purchase your copy right now and receive it before everyone else. Visit the Store now.

photo by Anna Yatsevich (courtest of Posi-Tone Records)

photo by Anna Yatsevich (courtest of Posi-Tone Records)

Pianist Champian Fulton unleashes her creativity to spellbind the audience until they are "Speechless.” With her first date for Posi-Tone, listeners are invited to sit back and dig the mesmerizing sounds as Fulton bravely embarks on her first ever record of entirely instrumental performances. With an amazing program featuring her own original compositions, Fulton delivers a tour de force demonstration of her pianistic prowess. This trio date is also highlighted by the solid harmonic foundation of bassist Adi Meyerson and the bombastically explosive metrics of drummer Ben Zweig. With a straight forward, swinging and soulful presentation that covers a wide variety of styles, sounds, and moods, Champian Fulton succeeds in delivering a stunning revue that will certainly leave every listener "Speechless" and bring bright moments to jazz fans everywhere. 


"...some full on whorehouse piano played with just the right amount of speak easy vibe that says ‘after hours spoken here'. A wildly charming date that brings a female perspective to the barrelhouse that Tatum couldn't, this trio hits it out of the park..." -Midwest Record

"a monstrously powerful sense of swing" - CD Hot List 

"an intensely personal statement - brimming with delicate flourishes, brilliant runs, and moments of quiet intensity." - Downbeat 

"a genuine Jazz double threat" - Hot House Magazine 

"This is jazz as party music and entertainment: it’s anything but rote or slick. There’s a jubiliant, fearlessly improvisational quality to these songs." - New York Music Daily 

"an ambitious, spontaneously fun new album" - Lucid Culture 

"Speechless" may not have vocals but is a treat from beginning to end with nary a weak cut and a slew of strong solos.  Just let the sounds seep into your brain; I guarantee you will feel better." - Step Tempest



Praise for Champian's Latest Album "After Dark"

Champian's new album, "After Dark" A Musical Tribute to Dinah Washington, has been recieved with much acclaim! Read what people have to say below, and purchase your copy in the store or via iTunes, Amazon, and

After Dark cover idea 5 001

 “A breath of fresh air on the american songbook” - JAZZ HOT MAGAZINE

"genius" - Wolfgang Sandner, FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE

"4 Stars!" - JAZZ MAGAZIN

"great blues piano" - Richard Kamins, STEP TEMPEST

"sounds as if she loves...singing" - Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene

 “swinging, uncluttered, gently seductive” - LUCID CULTURE

“The latest from vocalist-pianist Champian Fulton is a tribute to Dinah Washington, which is great, but I’d be happy to hear Fulton if she were singing pages from the phone book. Swinging like crazy and burbling with creativity whether she’s singing or playing piano, Fulton, who turned 30 last year, would be a household name if the industry that propelled Norah Jones, Diana Krall and Jane Monheit to stardom could still work its magic.” Peter Hum, THE OTTAWA CITIZEN

“Fulton moves effortlessly and vividly from delight, to wistfulness, to wounded angst in a matter of seconds and makes it seem completely natural, the work of a deep and insightful individual and a rare force on both the keys and the mic.” - NEW YORK MUSIC DAILY

"display[s] maturity far beyond her years" - Ken Dryden, NEW YORK JAZZ RECORD