Champian Fulton

Jazz Pianist and Vocalist

People are LOVING "The Stylings of Champian"

The Stylings Of Champian final cover

“I think I’ve finally put my finger on what it is that I find so entrancing about Champian Fulton’s artistry: it’s how she manages, against all odds, to be so many things at once. Her vocal style is a unique amalgamation of the straight-ahead and the experimental, alternately declamatory and lyrical, off-beat and swinging, devoted to the song itself and determined to express her uniqueness–imagine listening simultaneously to Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone singing the same song, and you’ll get a general idea of what I’m talking about. There are very few singers who can make hoary standards like “I Didn’t Know What Time It Was” and “Body and Soul” entirely their own, and she is one of them. But then there’s her piano playing, which is every bit as playfully inventive and rhythmically surprising as her singing, while at the same time swinging so powerfully that it’s hard to sit still while listening. On her latest album she leads a brilliant trio that includes bassist Hide Tanaka and drummer Fukushi Tainaka, with her father Stephen on flugelhorn for several tracks as well. The program is all standards, with a focus on tunes by Oscar Peterson and Cedar Walton, and there’s not a weak track to be heard. Yet again, she delivers an essential purchase for all jazz collections.” - CD Hot List

“Pianist/vocalist Champian Fulton may be the most charming person in the world. Even a short sip of her extensive internet presence (especially YouTube, with performances and interviews) reveals an artist who radiates the joy of creation with a luminescent personality. Her music reflects that personality, and—like the sounds of of Bud Powell and Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong—it lifts the spirit high. 

And swing? Like the best of them. 

The Stylings of Champian is Fulton's tenth album—a two disc, eighty-five minute exploration of the time-tested Great American Songbook tunes and jazz standards. 

Listening to the disc's opener, the much-covered "Day By Day," it's hard to believe that, early on in her career, Fulton considered dropping the vocal side of her artistry to concentrate on her piano playing. But that didn't happen, and "Day By Day" says that's a very good thing. Supremely assured, she has developed a clean and precise articulation combined with exquisite phrasing. 

"Lollipops and Roses" is not a song you'll encounter everyday in the jazz experience. The lyrics are advice for dealing with a temperamental woman. Fulton imparts this guidance with such good humor and grace (The Champian Charm) that it could be the set's highlight. And throw in a superb and concise piano solo. 

With eighty-five minutes, there is plenty of room for instrumentals: A terrific take on Oscar Peterson's "Blues Etude," along with "Rodeo," from the pen of her father, Stephen Fulton, who sits in of flugelhorn on seven of the disc's fourteen tunes; and an ebullient rendition of Cedar Walton's "Martha's Place," and a high-energy take on "All The Things You Are," featuring Fulton cooking over a high flame with his flugelhorn. 

Another highlight: "Body and Soul," with a phantasmal and fluid bass/vocal duet from Hide Tanka and Fulton.” - Dan McClenaghan for All About Jazz

“There's a lot of experience in her voice, which is flecked with Blossom Dearie's casual sophistication and hip intimacy. A bit of Billie Holiday and Betty Carter note-bending as well. “ - Mark Myers,

チャンピアン フルトン レビュー ⑴ CD ホット リスト 日本語訳

チャンピアン フルトン レビュー ⑴
CD ホット リスト 日本語訳 Translated by Hide Tanaka
Review from CD Hot List
私はやっとチャンピアン フルトンの魅惑的表現力の理由を的確に理解する事ができたと思っています。

彼女の歌は正統派ボーカル スタイルでありながら実験的であり、感情的な歌い方と叙情的な歌い方が常に交差し、ゆったりとしたバックビートを強調しながら、ハードにスウィングする、という相反するものを同時進行させるユニークな才能です。
エラ フィッツジェラルドとニーナ シモンが唄う同じ曲を、同時に聴いているところを想像してみて下さい。そうすれば私の言わんとしている事を理解できると思います。

“I Didn’t Know What Time It Was” そして“Body and Soul” のような、もう歌い尽くされている曲を、全くオリジナルな自分の表現方法で歌える歌手は非常に少ない。しかし彼女はそれができる数少ない歌手の1人です。


この彼女の最新アルバムではベーシストHide Tanaka とドラマー Fukushi Tainaka という優秀なトリオを率い、ゲストには彼女の父 Stephenがフリューゲル ホーンで数曲参加しています。

曲目は全てスタンダード、Oscar PetersonとCedar Waltonの曲目も含まれています。

チャンピアン フルトン レビュー ⑵
ジャズ ワックス Review from JazzWax
日本語訳 (抜粋) Translated by Hide Tanaka
これはピアニスト、シンガーのチャンピアン フルトンの10枚目のアルバム。
このアルバムは彼女のコケットリー(可愛くセクシー)感満載のジャズ スタンダード曲集である。
経験豊かな彼女の歌声はブロッサム ディアリーの洗練さ、親密感が散りばめられ、声をスライドさせる唱法はビリー ホリデイ、ベティー カーターをも思い起こされる。



Read Champian's Cover Story in Syncopated TImes: A Fresh Breath of Swing

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“I always had a clear idea of what I wanted my music to be about. Of course, I’m well into swing and the swinging feeling. I wanted to be the most swinging person. I have not yet achieved that but it’s still up there. And in sort of an odd way, I wanted to be super melodious and super swinging like Clark (Terry). I wanted to be a bebopper. I wanted to combine those two things and go from there, both vocally and musically,” she says. “

My New Album "the stylings of champian" Out October 26!

In 2006 I released my first album and this year I will release my 10th. “The Stylings of Champian” is a TWO DISC SET featuring my current band, Hide Tanaka on bass, Fukushi Tainaka on drums and Stephen Fulton on flugelhorn. Recorded one afternoon in May at my favorite studio Systems Two, these 85 minutes of music represent the joy and delight I have found in sharing my music with audiences around the world.

Pre-Order your copy now and it will ship on October 6; Pre Saves (Spotify etc) on October 12, OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE October 26.

To help me celebrate this milestone, tune in to  on Saturday October 13 at 8 PM Eastern Time (local NYC time) for a LIVE streaming concert!

"Sisterhood of Swing" was a massive success!

Champian was featured in Bria Skonberg's new project, "Sisterhood of Swing", an all female big band, which performed for the opening night of Lincoln Center's "Midsummer Night Swing". Check out this review in the New York Music Daily: 

"At the risk of getting into serious trouble saying this, there hasn’t been such a stunning display of jazz talent on any New York stage this year as there was last night at the kickoff of Lincoln Center’s annual Midsummer Night Swing festival. The inspiration for the mighty big band, the Sisterhood of Swing, was the International Sweethearts of Rhythm, the first integrated, all-female swing group, who debuted eighty-one years ago. As bandleader, trumpeter and singer Bria Skonberg took care to remind the audience who packed Damrosch Park, those women risked their lives playing music together.

At the piano, Champian Fulton delivered purist, masterfully spacious, blues-drenched lines that fit the material perfectly, especially when the band threw her what could have been the night’s longest solo. In her first turn on the mic, she projected with a surprisingly steely intensity, then a second time around worked knowingly triumphant, bluesy, Dinah Washington-inspired melismas. "