Champian Fulton

Jazz Pianist and Vocalist

The Things We Did Last Summer

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The Things We Did Last Summer


Pianist-Vocalist Champian Fulton joins Scott Hamilton, the iconic American Jazz tenor, to present "The Things We Did Last Summer", recorded live in concert while on tour in Spain for Blau Records. This is the way Jazz was meant to be heard: live, unedited, spontaneous and a whirlwind of improvisation. A refreshing selection of tunes provide the canvas on which Champian and Scott advance their musical ideas; Scott's big sound and swinging manner on the saxophone suit Champian's infectious piano prowess and galvanizing vocals perfectly. On "The Very Thought of You", Champian's enthralling vocal performance transports the listener away from the troubles of everyday life, while on "Runnin' Wild" Scott swings hard into the melody while Champian drives the rhythm section on this wild ride through a tune you haven't heard in a long time. Joined by Esteve Pi on drums and Ignasi Gonzales on bass, Champian and Scott shine brightly on this quartet release, hopefully the first of many to come.

Recorded LIVE in concert in Spain, April 2017. 

1. When Your Lover Has Gone

2. Black Velvet 

3. I Cried for You

4. The Things We Did Last Summer

5. Too Marvelous for Words

6. My Future Just Passed 

7. Runnin' Wild

8. The Very Thought of You

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